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Telecom Jobs >> Telecom Articles >> Telecom Career Feature >> Becoming a Telecom Technician
  • Telecom Career Feature

Becoming a Telecom Technician

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A telecom technician is a person who ensures the proper installation and working of telecom equipment and systems ranging from fax machines, modems, telephones, PCs, LANs, switches for phones, and more. Looking at the increasing need and usage of this equipment in business, we can infer that a telecommunications technician plays a pivotal role in the repair and upkeep of this equipment to let the organization run seamlessly.

Job Responsibilities

As pointed out before, the Telecom Technician keeps a constant check on the installation and functioning of the telecom equipment. They are employed in the telecommunication systems in the companies. His Job profile includes the following duties and responsibilities:

•    Installing new telecommunications equipment and network.
•    Ensuring all the equipment from a small switch to big systems are of premium quality.
•    Checking wires and strappings
•    Identifying problems by using electronic testing equipment
•    Installing jumpers and performing proof testing like power tests, etc.
•    Informing the customers about the costs of the installation of various equipment
•    Setting up communication systems at customer's premises
•    Set up, test and work with every kind of telecommunication equipment, switches etc.
•    Examining faults in a system with a level of diagnostic skill
•    Providing installation standards training to new members
•    Maintaining and troubleshooting communication systems.
•    Running cables, key cables to all telephone sets, and terminal connectors
•    Pulling cables and terminating cable on cross connects, hubs and routers
•    Installing and maintaining telephone poles and underground services, etc.

Job Requirements

To become a telecom technician, a high school education or equivalent classes in industry-related courses such as networking, telecommunications supervision, etc. is required. For senior level jobs, two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor degrees will give an extra edge. Employers from good companies prefer degree holders when hiring telecommunication technicians. One can attain education from junior/community colleges, colleges/universities, and technical/vocational schools. With technology changes happening with each passing day, continued learning is important to keep up with.

Although the job requirements for a telecom technician may vary with the industry, some basic requirements include knowledge of working with fiber optic patch panels and the ability to design and install copper and fiber optic cable. The candidate should also possess the know-how of working with Cisco switches and routers. Strong knowledge about all kinds of telecom devices and equipments is mandatory.

Telecommunication technicians must have analytical and observational skills be able to troubleshoot problem areas. He must have sound technical knowledge and communication skills to discuss project requirements with clients and fellow team members.

Job Prospects

Most companies have telecom equipment for smooth communication. Hence, they need telecom technicians on a regular basis to ensure everything is up and functioning. The joining of the telecommunications industry and IT has called for the need of technicians possessing specific skills like wireless broadband technologies. One can get jobs in telephone and broadband network areas or as mobile phone operators. Telecom job opportunities also extend in satellite, cable, rail signal engineering, digital TV companies, and power transmission companies.


The salary of Telecom Technician ranges from $41,000 to $93,000 depending on experience and the company one works with.

Becoming a telecom technician is a good career option.

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